Rates & Reservations

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hosting you in 2021!

If you haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to review our guest policies. This will ensure that your expectations meet ours, and your stay will be a pleasant one with no surprises.


  • Hoffman is $69/night double occupancy
  • Putnam Suite is $79/night, max 4 people
  • Multi-Room Suite is $209/night, max 8 people

Please note that we are required by Essex County to collect a 3% occupancy tax, and by New York State to collect 8% sales tax in addition to the room rate.

Call Us…

Once you’re ready to make a reservation, please call your innkeepers Deborah & Tony Bacchetta at 973-590-4560. If we’re not available, we’ll return the call promptly.

…or go Online

It’s fast and convenient — if you’re ID registered with AirBnB, you are pre-approved to book reservations at Baker Street House instantaneously. The advantage to that is you can be 100% certain of getting exactly what you want, and payments go through their secure site.

To find Baker Street House, just do an AirBnB search on Schroon Lake NY; we’ll be in the results if we have vacancy.

Price Differences Between This Website and AirB’n’B

The prices listed here vs. the ones you’ll be quoted on AirB’n’B are different for a couple of reasons.

First is that AirB’n’B prices have the 8% New York lodging tax built in, and they add the 3% County tax later. The rates listed here on our website are “net” and if you call for a reservation, the taxes will be quoted separately.

Second, AirB’n’B sometimes adds fees to their price quotes.  These fees are generated by an algorithm based on how many other rooms they have available in the Schroon Lake area.  So the price they quote today may vary from the price they quote tomorrow.  They also may increase these fees for more desirable dates such as weekends.

E-Mail Contact

If you simply wish to inquire about dates/availability, you may also email us at bakerstreet745@yahoo.com


Tony and Debbie Bacchetta enjoying Schroon Lake
Tony & Deb enjoying a day on Schroon Lake