The Morningstar Room

The Morningstar Room greets the day with stunning light.  Featuring a painstakingly restored hardwood floor, this room offers two full beds and space for reading, contemplation, or a quiet conversation.  Morningstar shares a bath with the Hoffman and Putnam rooms.

Why Morningstar?

The film adaptation of Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar was shot on location at nearby Scaroon Manor in the 1950s.   At that time Scaroon Manor was an elegant, all-inclusive resort with a massive hotel, recreation buildings, beach,  and golf course.  It featured luxury dining, plus professional stage shows and musical revues.

The film starred Natalie Wood in the title role, which was her first playing the part of a “grown-up.”  William Holden starred as Noel Airman, an aging stage performer and Marjorie’s mentor/love interest.  A number of local Schroon Lake residents played “extras” in the film; many of them remain a vibrant part of the community today.

Since the resort closed in the late 1960s, NY State DEC has returned the property to much of its natural state, operating it now as a campground, picnic area, and day use beach.  A few minor structures and old walkways remain, echoing the past.

We chose to name the room because of this unique history.  The Morningstar room recaptures the spirit of that simpler time and its less hurried lifestyle.